Ignoring the haters

The aspiring chef, 23, was trolled by a popular TikTok star over his fledgling career as a chef after being asked what exactly he did for a living, which allowed him to afford his £1m ($1.2m) McLaren supercar.

The son of multi-millionaires Victoria and David Beckham was accosted by social media star and YouTuber Daniel Mac recently while driving around Los Angeles in his red McLaren P1 sports car.

After the video was widely shared online, Brooklyn ignored the drama and was seen running errands in the Los Angeles neighbourhood.

Brooklyn was rocking a pair of wide-legged baggy denim jeans with a white graphic print T-shirt which said ‘amr combs’ and funky sunglasses.

The London native wore his dark hair in a spiky style and finished his outfit with a pair of white trainers.

In a video posted this week, Tik Toker Daniel, 24, approached Brooklyn to compliment his vehicle, before asking what he does for a living to afford such a nice car – before gleefully teasing Brooklyn when he responded that he’s a chef.

‘Hey man, what do you do for a living? Your car’s awesome,’ the TikToker asked Brooklyn after spotting him behind the wheel of his car.

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