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Brushing off the drama 👀

The son of multi-millionaires Victoria and David Beckham, was accosted by a popular TikTok star over his fledgling career as a chef after being asked what exactly he did for a living, which allowed him to afford the luxury vehicle.



The aspiring chef, 23, brushed off the drama as he smiled whilst filling up at a petrol station in Malibu.

Brooklyn put on a casual display in a white T-shirt with a pair of light wash jeans and a black cap.

He slipped into some leather trainers with a chunky platform sole to complete his relaxed look.

The London native looked completely unfazed by the recent grilling as he crossed his arms and waited for his red supercar to fill.

In the video posted this week, social media star and YouTuber Daniel Mac, 24, approached Brooklyn to compliment his vehicle.

He then asked what he does for a living to afford such a nice car – before gleefully teasing Brooklyn when he responded that he’s a chef.

‘Hey man, what do you do for a living? Your car’s awesome,’ the TikToker asked Brooklyn after spotting him behind the wheel of his car.

Daniel has become something of a star in his own right on social media, where he has gained notoriety for his videos in which he asks drivers of incredibly pricey vehicles what they do in order to earn enough to pay for such lavish cars.


But while the answers are typically linked to high-earning industries like finance or tech, Brooklyn offered up a very different response, pausing momentarily before replying: ‘Um, I’m a chef.’

‘Are you like the best chef in the world?’ Daniel teasingly him, implying that he would have to be incredibly successful to own a car like that just from cooking at his young age.

‘Trying to be,’ Brooklyn replies.

The video began with Daniel running up to Brooklyn as he drove past in his flashy red sports car, before leaning in with his camera and quizzing the budding chef on his profession.

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